Cemetery Services: Rose Lawn Funeral Home and Rose Lawn Cemetery offers a number of burial, entombment, and memorial options for our families.

Ground Burial: Rose Lawn Cemetery has three gardens that families can select for ground burial of casketed remains or cremains (ashes). They are Garden of Calvary, Garden of Peace and Garden of Faith.

All ground spaces are for single interments only. Cremation remains may be buried in any of our gardens by purchasing a space. Vaults are required for both traditional burials and the burial of cremation remains in Rose Lawn Cemetery.

Mausoleum: For those who prefer above ground burial, we offer a Mausoleum Building with single and tandem(one space fitting two caskets)entombment spaces. Rose Lawn also offers Niches for cremated remains.

Columbarium: We are please to announce the addition of a new Cremation Columbarium to our cemetery.  An above-ground repository for cremains consisting of 64 Niches. Completion Spring 2016
 Our New Cremation Columbarium - Opening Spring 2016

Memorials: Rose Lawn Cemetery allows for the use of  Flat Bronze memorials with a granite base in all of our gardens.  Bronze markers can be designed with or without vases . We offer a variety of design options which allow families to personalize their memorials. Our trained staff use state of the art design services provided by the world's largest supplier of markers and memorials.

Lisa Schroeder Cemetery Administrator:
Lisa has worked at Rose Lawn since 2008 and now is responsible for Rose Lawn Cemetery as the Cemetery Administrator. With a great deal of knowledge of memorization and memorial design Lisa will assist you and your family members in designing a memorial befitting the life it represents.  Rose Lawn Cemetery features Matthews Bronze and Granite which can be customized to a family's wishes. 
Please call Lisa Schroeder at (850) 932-9192

Memorable Gravesite Expressions

Many times the graveside portion of the Memorial Service is relatively short and very minimalistic. But there are many ways that you and your loved ones can create a more memorable way to celebrate the life of the deceased. Adding additional elements to the service is also a powerful way to create an honorable and special service that is devoted entirely to the memory of the deceased.

Every life is unique and we make sure each service reflects that.

We honor all burial policies 100%. In other words, full credit will be given for your burial policy or life insurance policy from any other funeral home and there will be absolutely no reduction of burial policy benefits when applied to services and merchandise at Rose Lawn Funeral Home.

Before trying to coordinate purchasing cemetery lots or mausoleum crypts, call us (850-932-9192). There are many options to consider when selecting a final resting place and we can help you make an educated decision.

In our society, three basic forms of final disposition are practiced. The first is earth burial which continues to be the form of disposition chosen most often.

Cremation is also a choice. This is a process of preparing the body for final disposition whereby the body is reduced by intense heat over several hours to a few pounds of small fragments. These cremated remains are usually placed in an urn which may be buried, placed in a memorial niche, or kept in some other location. Cremated remains may also be scattered where permitted by law.

Finally, entombment in a crypt is also a choice and is one of the oldest forms of disposition. Today many cemeteries maintain crypts for entombment which may be in a mausoleum or in an outdoor garden.

The options are virtually endless. We offer a number of final disposition options for cremated remains, including customized urns, scatterings, burials and more. Many people like the idea of having their remains scattered in a special place. Families can scatter their loved one’s remains practically anywhere—on land, in the ocean or even in the air.

We of course welcome any suggestions, questions, or requests that you may have.

Please feel free to contact us directly at 850-932-9192 or use our convenient online request form for additional information.


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