James Michael Andrea
July 22, 1935  -  November 9, 2018

James Michael Andrea

I served in the Army.


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  1. Sharon McLaughlin
    Birmingham, AL

    When I married into your family, you made me feel at ease;
    A special father-in-law that some brides never see.
    As the years went by, a stepfather and grandfather to us
    you came to be.
    My father-in-law was a man of integrity and kindness;
    Always wanting to help, he would give the shirt off his back;
    If he saw you struggling, he would pick up the slack.
    Jim loved his wife, his family, his puppies, and the trips
    he would take but
    He especially loved the chocolate chip cookies that Pat would bake!
    Jim, you fought so hard, you passed the test,
    May the angels now guide you, hold you, and
    bring comfort to you,
    You deserve no less!
    We love and miss you Pop-Pop!

  2. Eileen Malloy
    Penn Valley - Narberth, PA

    You gently guided my best friend through the darkest times in her life and became her gentle companion, best friend and husband. Thank you for that.

  3. Christine Hershey
    Manheim, PA

    Uncle Jim was kind, hardworking, helped those in need, and truly loved his family immensely...to know Uncle Jim was to know that he never did anything half baked or half finished. So you knew that knowing Uncle Jim how you truly were loved you were even if expressing it was difficult. I was told today he passed earlier this morning. It wasn't until I flipped through the pages of my favorite diy magazine staring down at this picture with a stone that bared his name, "James" that I began to weep. As a child I HATED being called "Chrissy" by most but of course and least of all not by him...when he said "Chrissy" it carried the loving acknowledgment of a man who authentically lived and loved.So that's the ultimate challenge in life ...to live being who we are and to love without borders. So when it is our time, an indeliable mark of our love is made and passed onto someone who in turn wishes that they too could live just like that. Rest peacefully Uncle Jim and know you remain truly loved💖 Chrissy xoxo💖

  4. David Sansone
    Wilmington, DE

    Uncle Jim I know you made it to the glorious heavens above. I am happy that your suffering is over. I will always remember how you always finished everything on your plate and the cookouts in your back yard! You will be missed very much. Thank you for all you did for me and for Aunt Pat. Love you and will see you on the other side. Rest in the peace of the lord.

  5. Candy Vines
    Gulf Breeze, FL

    Jim was a part of many events in my family's life for the past 16 years. He always watched over our street with both a protective eye and helpful eye and would always jump up from his folding chair in the driveway as soon as he saw a neighbor in need. Countless times he assisted, advised or completed tasks helping us around the house and was always ready to cheer with a beer after it was done!
    Adopted Grandpa, protector, helper and friend...these are what I think of Jim Andrea. He will be missed greatly and remembered fondly.
    With Love to Pat, Chick and family
    From Candy and the Vines family

  6. Joseph Sansone
    Wilmington, DE

    It surely saddens me, Jim, at the loss of you. I cherished your friendship and enjoyed our times together. You were more than just a brother-in-law. To me you were my brother of heart, one that felt confident to share things with. I will miss our conversations about sports, oldies, and cars, or just getting your opinion on anything. Cruising will not be the same without you. I will fondly remember your rapid fire joke, and how we laughed while our brides were in deep conversation or waiting for them while they were shopping. I would love to hear from your lips one more time "Want a piece Of Piz!" Well Brother save that piece in heaven for me. Rest in peace in God's glory, Love you Brother.

  7. Diane Sansone
    Wilmington, DE

    The sound of your laughter and the twinkle in your eyes, this I will forever miss. The love you had for us, your family, it shone brightly in your eyes. Every time we parted, you would tear up, afraid it was our last, this time it was. But forever in my heart you will be, until we're together again in paradise. So many wonderful memories, over the span of forty-three years, I'll cherish. Pray for us too Jim, as we wait for the next beautiful life we'll share. Love you brother, deeply. Diane

  8. Bob McLaughlin
    Oakland Park, FL

    I will always remember Jim as a great husband who made my sister-in-law very happy. Jim was a wonderful man who was always smiling, fun to be around, kind to everyone, and loving not only to his immediate family, but to the McLaughlin family as well. He was one-of -a-kind.
    I will miss you.
    Thinking of Pat and the family during this time and always.
    Bob McLaughlin and family

  9. Sandra Rose
    Phoenix, AZ

    RIP my cruise buddy.

  10. Deb Metts
    Phoenix, AZ

    I will remember you most, Jim, for how much you loved Pat and did whatever made her happy. I will remember your brave fight against diseases that were debilitating. I will remember the twinkle in your eyes when you laughed or saw family and friends. I will remember how much love and respect you had for my parents (which was equally returned). I will remember how deeply you loved your family. I will remember how much you loved baseball. I will remember how you laughed and what a great friend you were to many. I will remember ... Rest in peace. Love you and keeping you in my heart.

  11. Linda McLaughlin Langdon
    Boca Raton, FL

    Still praying for your voyage over the rainbow bridge, Pops. Lots of prayer warriors still on the job. Your lifetime here with us stays with us. It is how it is. A sweet grandpop to my kids, you gathered and regaled sweetly comical stories with them and about them. Sometimes repeatedly, as I always knew those were your favorites. Thank you for that, and so much more. Thank you for being a wonderful and caring husband to my mother, a tolerant, caring stepfather to me and to my brother. Thank you for giving us latitude, while we were healing from the sudden loss of our father. I can onlu guess how hard that must have been for you. Thank you for your strength for our Mom as well as for us. I will dearly miss you. Do not worry about Mom. You must know she has our love and support always. Rest well, dearest Pops. You lived a wonderfully full, good life, and your spirit will always shine in our family. I love you Pops. And I know God loves you too.

  12. Janie Timmins
    Coatesville, PA

    Jim was one of a kind. I've only met him a few times being as a new member to the family. He was always welcoming and kind. Prayers to the families ❤ Rest In Heaven Jim.

  13. james metts
    seville, FL

    Rest in peace sweet brother in law you are greatly missed

  14. Kim Goff
    Herndon, VA

    I will always remember how much your family loved you and took care of you on our trip to Europe. You were a trooper who did your very best to stay in the thick of things. I am so grateful to have met you and your wonderful family. God bless you and Pat

  15. Charles (Chick) McLaughlin
    Chelsea, AL

    In addition to being a great Step-father, I like to say that Jim was my best friend, and I know he would say that about me, but if I’m honest, he was a best friend to many. When I had to decide who would be the best man at my wedding, there wasn’t a doubt that it was Jim. Jim loved family and he was all about having family visits. We had such fun going to the beach, concerts, movies, or just hang around the house and us all being together. Jim often shed a tear when it was time for us to go home and always said "I can't wait until you can come back". He loved the movie, The Gang that couldn't shoot straight, and would be the first to say a movie was a 'Stinker' if he didn't care for it. Jim loved music especially from the 1950's and 1960's and he knew all the songs and the artist names. It was a gift that he could store and recall the information. I will sorely miss Jim as I remember the vacations, the jokes and great stories. I personally will miss the times we worked on projects together and the the cold beer we shared after finishing a job. Yes, I will remember Jim Andrea lovingly forever. God Bless you sweet man, until we can be together again. I Love you!

  16. Carol Samuels
    Gulf Breeze, FL

    I first met Jim when I was at The Club. He had a wonderful sense of humor & one of the kindest people I have met. I knew his wife Pat before & the love between them was so beautiful. Jim will be dearly missed.

  17. Howard Noel
    New Smyrna Beach, FL

    Jim was my best friend since kindergarten. He liked baseball as much as I did, he was the pitcher and I was the catcher. Fifty two years ago he was my best man. We were parted by distance California to Central Florida. We still kept in touch in heart and mind. I miss you Jim and know we will meet up again in our Lord’s Heaven.

  18. Patricia Andrea
    Gulf Breeze, FL

    As you start your new journey, I pray you are happy and at peace with no more pain. Love you and miss you forever until we are together again.

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